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Vortex Hovercraft …..


for all your Racing, Leisure or Commercial needs.


Vortex Services manufacture a wide range of hovercraft from single seat leisure and racing craft, through to 4/5 seat family craft up to 7/9 seat commercial craft.


Our single seat leisure craft is used as a training craft in the UK and Europe by a large number of leading hovercraft entertainment and training companies. The Storm is a simple reliable and very quiet craft. To date it is the only craft in Europe, to have an EU Certificate of Compliance for noise and safety, issued by the Danish Government on behalf of the EU.


Our range of high performance racing craft have won all the major UK, European and World F1, FS, F50 and F3 titles over the past 8 years. The Predator and Raptor are unsurpassed in their handling and performance.


 The Mistral is a multi-purpose 4/5 seat craft that has found its home with pleasure users, aid agencies and rescue services all over the World. Simplicity and reliability are the key issues that customers site when choosing our craft.


The Vortex 7,  now fitted with 120hp supercharged thrust engine and a 50hp engine for lift, is a true work horse able to tackle any work. Although it is large, 7.5m by 3.1m, due to the use of construction methods developed for our racing craft, it weighs only 700kg and has a payload of 600 - 800kg. This makes it a viable option for a very wide range of service roles.


More details on our complete range of hovercraft and hovercraft related parts, can be found at





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