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We are one of Europe's leading manufacturer of hovercraft with more than 30 years in the industry!

Amongst our clients are Sea rescue, Fire Brigades, Coast Guard, Transportation business, Taxi companies, Fishermen, residents of the archipelago, and competitive racers from all over the world.


Norra Stavsudda Handel/Ivanoff Hovercraft started building hovercraft in 1978. Thanks to our close relationship with one of the worlds greatest hovercraft designers (Bill Baker Vehicles Ltd) we started building BBV models in 1980. Our main market is the scandinavian countries which is why our models are specially customized for the cold climate and driving over ice. We sell "ready-to-go" hovercraft as well as kits and separate components for people who build their own vehicles. Maybe you only need some good advice for a guaranteed functional and safe hovercraft?

In 2008 we released a completely new model - IH-6 - our own model and design with thousands of driving hours and experience incorporated!

2010 Ivanoff Hovercraft AB became Swedish dealer for Neoteric Hovercraft Inc. Neoteric´s Hovertrek model is very well adapted for use in nordic conditions both as a Sea / Ice rescue craft and a quick transport craft.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with hovercraft has reached tremendous success on racing tracks around the world!


Magnus Ivanoff

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