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At Griffon Hoverwork (GHL) we have specialised in hovercraft development and have been involved in the design, manufacture and operation of hovercraft since they were first conceived, over 50 years ago.  We offer pioneering new solutions, expert advice, training and consultancy.


Our purpose is to enable our customers to engage in tasks in some of the most diverse and inaccessible areas of the world, 170 Griffon Hoverwork craft operate in 41 countries, allowing us to provide a proven and reliable solution. Despite our customers' diverse requirements, they all have one thing in common - a need to access areas where conventional marine craft cannot go. Our success is based upon our commitment to design and manufacture hovercraft which are adapted to the challenging environments that face our customers. 


We currently supply a large number of Special Forces, Navies, Armies, Coast Guards and Marine Police in multiple roles including humanitarian aid and disaster relief.  The Indian and Kuwait Coast Guards, Saudi Arabian Border Guard and Pakistan Navy use their craft on missions including river and marine interdiction, search and rescue and infra structure security.



The hovercraft can also be configured for military operations either as weapons platforms, troop carriers or logistics vehicles. In a commercial role, hovercraft are used for coastal rescue, airport crash rescue (as successfully demonstrated by Changi and Auckland Airport), survey work, civil engineering support, logistics, cargo carrying and as passenger ferries.


We design and manufacture a range of diesel powered amphibious craft to support light, medium and heavy payload needs. All our hovercraft can be customised to meet different mission and environmental conditions, from passenger craft, to open well-decked cargo carrying craft.


Our hovercraft have a broad scope of payload and application requirements, measuring from 6.80m to 33.7m and 380kgs to 22.5 tonnes or 5 to 180 passengers. The small craft range benefits from being road trailer-able using a hover-on hover-off road trailer, which can be towed behind most 4x4 vehicles or trucks, allowing rapid deployment. The medium lift range are powered by single or twin water cooled diesel engines, whilst the BHT range are powered by separate lift and propulsion water-cooled engines.


We have designed our hovercraft using the latest developments in hull design and manufacture. We combine a marine-grade aluminum hull with lightweight aerodynamic mouldings built to the latest international standards, all of which can be fitted with a wide variety of add-on equipment.

Korean Coastguard

Avon Fire Brigade 380TD

Peruvian Navy 2000TD

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