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Bill Baker Hovercraft Ltd


We at BBV have been continuously making light hovercraft for the last 40+ years, during that time we have produced a wide range of craft often leading the field in design and engineering concepts, many of which  are now taken as the norm on light hovercraft.


The earlier craft were often basic and frequently unreliable, in part this was possibly down to the available power units and their instillation, but even the best mechanical components need a good working environment which we try to provide.


The use of our racing craft enables us to compare our products for efficiency against other similarly powered craft usually with successful results.




In craft publicity publications reference is often given to the horsepower being available this is a complete red hearing when assessing a craft for performance, there are many examples of over powered craft with abysmal performance, as manufactures we quote actual thrust and operational craft weight.


As craft designers it is our job to prioritize the customer’s requirements,The first priority is probably initial purchase cost, by that we mean value for money, the second is probably operating costs, which neatly brings us to four stroke engines which reduce both fuel consumption and noise.


Another sauce of noise is obviously the fans being used, fortunately for us as an industry the manufactures of fans suitable for our use have continued to improve their products and we have made use of the many options available.               


It is possibly worth noting that for similar sized craft ours tend to have bigger fans making them quieter and more fuel efficient.


For safety our Leisure / Commercial craft are ruggedly built from both the engineering and hull construction point of view, with double skinned floors and plenty of locker space, simplicity of maintenance is very important.


We have always supported the Hover Clubs of the World, it has been a two way thing because the feed back any feed back can only improve the products, our craft have been used around the World doing an amazing variety of tasks in almost any environment you care to think of and the products have improved accordingly.


We have never been a mass producer of air propelled / air cushion vehicles our forte has been in improving the product and BBV stands on its record as a developer whose designs and products ether built by us, or under license from us, can be found around the world doing a worthwhile job.


BBV Racing Hovercraft

BBV4 Hovercraft fitted with spraying equipment

Guy Martin attempting to break the Hovercraft World Speed Record in 2014.

BBV4 Hovercraft supplied to the EPA

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