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Our Members


Membership of the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association is open to professional, full-time hovercraft manufacturers, operators and related industries, from any country. Current membership includes European, North American and Australian representatives.

Members List


BBV Hovercraft

Griffon Hoverwork

Ivanoff Hovercraft

K&M Products


Vortex Hovercraft





Our members are all professional manufacturers with a wealth of experience in hovercraft applications, design and construction. Any of the businesses represented by the HMA will be happy to offer professional advice on the hovercraft for your needs.


About the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association

The HMA was set up in 2013 to offer a central point of contact for, and to represent hovercraft manufacturers to, the public, commercial operators, organisations and government bodies. Responsible for the 2015 MC Hovercraft Code of Practice, the HMA was awarded the 2015 Maritime Safety Award by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, and is the only professional organisation working to legitimise and mature the hovercraft industry. Membership is open to professional hovercraft manufacturers,operators and related industries, from any nation. The organisation exists to encourage and promote hovercraft for both recreational and commercial use, and to jointly agree minimum and recognised standards for construction, safety and operational parameters. 


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